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What is Excel and its applications?


Excel is one of the most popular and frequently used applications of Microsoft Office. Excel Spreadsheet is used like paper ledger that stores data in a highly organized way and performs automatic calculations for you with the help of formulas. Excel comes very handy for making a list of items involving many articles and especially when these items have got some numerical values which need to be added, subtracted, multiplied etc. In fact, Excel spreadsheets are even used by scientists and environmentalists for complex calculations. Excel is very commonly used in almost all organizations: to store and present data in the form of sorted lists and tables; and to enter and perform calculations on financial and numerical data. It saves time, intricacies of calculations, and presents data in an organized, professional and appealing way.


If you open Excel, you’ll see a page made of numerous rectangular grids, this is a Worksheet upon which you work and enter data. A Worksheet consists of numerous rows and columns. A small rectangle, called Cell, is formed at the point where a column and a row meet. If you have looked at an Excel sheet, you must be wondering how many cells a sheet actually possess. Any given Excel sheet has 16,384 rows and 256 columns. Based on this information, you can calculate the total number of cells if you’re familiar with permutation and combination techniques. Or would you like Excel to do this calculation for you? Each cell in the sheet has its own unique address or Cell Reference, which is a combination of a row letter and a column number. It helps you enter different formulae for different cells. Columns have been given alphabetical letters and rows have got numeral digits for distinction. So, the cell reference of the first cell in any Excel sheet is A1 which means “A” column and “1” row. The main feature of Excel sheet is its Functions. These are built-in formulae in Excel for various tasks being done regularly and involving calculations. Pivot Table is a great tool that sorts required data and presents a graphical summary of them to make it easy to understand and make use of.


Now you must have a fair idea of how indispensable and dependable Excel is for almost everyone having a computer system to work on. However, every good thing has a flip side too; too much reliance on Excel for storing important financial data means work processes getting paralyzed in the event of a malfunction. To make sure your Excel files don’t lose any important data as a result of corruption or damage to the files, use Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery Software to remove corruption, repair defects and restore the files. It’s non-destructive and repairs data in almost all cases of corruption to get your valued Excel files back to you.