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We recently got an e-mail from a top executive of a big organization which read: "Somehow I have deleted one of my most important Excel documents and considering that I had spent more than two days working on it, it's making me lose my mind. I ran a file search but it just won't show up. Please suggest a way and help me recover it. Thanking you in advance." Probably you are facing a situation similar to this one and that's why you are here and reading this page.


Let's tell you that you have come to the right place. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software is a data recovery tool designed to recover Word documents deleted because you accidentally deleted it, or a virus or some kind of corruption in the application caused it to delete.


Whatever it was that triggered the deletion, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software will scan for the deleted documents in the hard drive and recover it with all its elements it might contain such as tables, lists, graphics; and that too in the format originally saved.


We hope this would put your mind at rest now. Please start data recovery through Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software right away to prevent any loss beyond recovery. That's why we suggest you to close all applications you are currently working on and most importantly, do not save anything in your computer until you have recovered all your documents and Word files.


Saving new data in your hard drive may permanently delete your documents beyond recovery as the new files may overwrite the lost data. Software will recover deleted files in almost all data deletion situations. For more information on file deletion and recovery, you may speak to our technical support team available to help you out round the clock from Monday to Friday. You may reach our technical support team by calling on 1-877-778-6083. Good luck!