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MS Excel is a very widely used MS Office application to store financial and objective data in the form of lists, tables and charts. Almost all personnel in a corporate office today, who work with large lists and financial or numerical data use Excel to store data, perform calculations upon it, sort it, analyze it and present data in easy formats.


Data per se doesn’t serve any purpose if it just lies unused and convey no meaning. That’s why Excel was designed to fill this gap left by other applications such as Word. It is simple to operate and handles day to day common tasks of calculation and storing numerical data in most cases. Excel files can get corrupted and damaged though.


An Excel malfunctioning, hard drive crash, virus attack or power disruptions all can affect Excel worksheets and cause corruption. Further, corruption can cause some or all Excel files to lose some or all data, including loss of charts, pivot tables and lists it may contain. If you’ve experienced data loss from your Excel files or Excel charts and pivot tables, then you’re in the right place.


Continue reading here to learn how to repair corrupted data in Excel and recover them successfully, using Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery Software.


Problems you could face with corrupted Excel files include problems in opening, closing or saving files, Excel hanging repeatedly and mild or severe data corruption. To repair all corruption in Excel files, install and run Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery Software now.


It’s a very simple process and requires you to just click a couple of times to start the repairing process. After all selected files are repaired, you can see the recovered files details in a tree-structure on the left-hand panel to be sure of the recovery. You can then proceed to save files thus recovered.